Thank you for your interest in Strut Your Mutt, one of the nation’s most recognized series of fundraising events created to raise funds to save the lives of homeless pets in America. Sadly, the number of pets who are displaced is staggering, so events such as ours are needed to help these beloved dogs find the homes they so greatly deserve. Hosted by the Best Friends Animal Society, Strut Your Mutt walks take place in several major cities throughout the United States and do more for the community than raise money.

Strut Your Mutt fundraising walks allow communities of dog-lovers to come together to get to know their neighbors and make friends with like-minded canine aficionados in a fun setting. During summer months, many communities lack a surplus of scheduled events that incorporate the whole family the way we do. Leashed pets are always welcome, as we encourage you to bring your entire brood to raise awareness and funds for a great cause.

Attending Strut Your Mutt

We currently have 14 cities participating and hope to see this number grow. The gatherings feature the family friendly walk, of course, but that is not where the fun ends! All neighborhood events are extended to include children’s activities, pet portraits, music, contests, doggie yoga, and food and refreshments. Families and their fur babies come out to celebrate the day while raising much-needed money for the benefit of their community’s forgotten four-legged members.

Children five and under are invited to attend for free, and youth registrations are available for those ages 6-12. Everyone with a paid registration receives a free shirt, bag and water bottle as a way of saying thank you. Online registration makes it easy to sign up, but keep in mind that online registration closes at noon on the Friday before our live events. Participants can register in person on the morning of their local Strut Your Mutt for an additional $5 fee.

Animal welfare organizations and pet shelters partner with Best Friends Animal Society to host these events, making Strut Your Mutt a recognized and respected charitable effort. If your city is not among those that have already become involved, please know we are always looking for new regions to come on board and join in our plight. Contact us today to find out how you can be instrumental in bringing Strut Your Mutt to your neck of the woods. Unfortunately, there are pets in need in every area, and without functions such as ours, too many would go uncared for with the love and tenderness they require.

Virtual Strut Your Mutt

One of the newest facets of our initiative is Virtual Strut Your Mutt. With this new addition, anyone is able to help out without attending an event in person. As a virtual Strut Your Mutt participant, you are able to be involved from home by donating to the cause to benefit homeless pets throughout the country. Our mobile app allows you to track fundraising progress and even connects you with other dedicated strutters from all around the country. We feature exciting challenges all summer long as we strive to reach as many people, and as many pets, as possible.

With support from caring individuals, we are able to secure the forever homes our furry friends deserve. If you have always wanted to lend a helping hand, but have so far been unsure where to direct your time or financial contribution, we are here to steer you in the right direction, and make sure you have some fun in the process. Strut Your Mutt is always in need of volunteers during the festivities, which is an ideal way to lend assistance. As animal lovers, we delight in seeing families come together with all members, including the four-leggers, to raise money to combat the growing number of displaced dogs in America.